Digital Communications & Multimedia Specialist

I was born in a cold winter day of the year 1991, in a city named Guilin in south western China, which now has become one of the top ten tourists cities in China. 

When I was in elementary school, I liked to be the first one to arrive at school, because in the early morning the city looks and sounds so different. I saw sanitation workers cleaning up the streets, I saw people running with their dogs, I saw flowers covered in dew, I heard only birds singing their morning songs, and when I arrived at school all the buildings were still covered in fog. It was incredibly beautiful. 

I was in the school chorus since second grade until last year in middle school. When other students were still taking classes, my teammates and I were in the music hall singing. We traveled several times every year to attend competitions. We always won first place, and the mayor would come and hand us the prize. 

I went to the most expensive bilingual (Chinese and English) boarding school in town. In middle school, I fell in love with basketball and piano. There wasn’t much to do in the boarding school because mountains and lakes surrounded our school. In my third year, I was elected to the student association as the vice president. In there I found my talent in performing and public speaking. I also gained the skills of event planning and hosting. I started to have fans that asked me to sign my name in their notebooks because I won first place several times in the singing competition at school. One thing happened in this year that had changed my entire life. Three months before graduation, I was selected by the school to go on a study abroad trip to England. That was my first time leaving my home country to explore the world. I spent three weeks in a beautiful town named Brighton, which has the most beautiful beach and sunset I have ever seen. I was fascinated by the western culture, and I told myself I will study abroad again in the future. I stayed with a sweet old couple; the husband is a retired country music singer and the wife lost her ability to speak because of illness. What amazed me was they could still communicate with each other very well using eye contact and body language. The first time in my life I have learned the beauty and power of love; it is all about patience, understanding and sacrificing.