Made in China. Assembled in USA.

Made in China. Assembled in USA.


It all started when…

I was born and raised in China. My hometown Guilin is among the top 10 tourism cities in China.

I came to the United States in August 2010. I studied Journalism at Indiana University Bloomington where I met my mentor Professor Steve Raymer—Photographer for the National Geographic Magazine for more than 30 decades. Professor Raymer opened the door of photojournalism for me, then I have decided that I want to follow his path to travel the world and record amazing and unique stories with my cameras.

It was in graduate school that I have developed interest in documentary films. In 2017 I went to Paros, Greece and contributed in a film titled Delion Sanctuary of Apollo.

I am currently working on a personal documentary project about a young Uyghur woman fighting for her father’s freedom while thousands of miles from home. While we all are waiting, please check out my portraits of her here.